The Makdan Project 

The Makdan Project is your source to handle all of your business services needs.  From telecomm to cloud, our industry experts can assist you in finding the right solution to any of your needs.  We specialize in connecting our clients with reliable and cost effective solutions to ensure their business operates efficiently and is scaled for growth.

Cloud Solutions - .Make the Cloud work for you!! Our extensive line of Cloud Solutions can help you ensure that you are staying up to date and connected.  We can help you keep from overpaying while maintaining your needs.

Communications - Whether you need a new VOIP, PRI or simple POTS, our solutions can ensure you are getting exactly what you need at a price that you can afford.

Connectivity - Whether you need fiber, broadband or wireless, our extensive products can ensure you stay connected here or abroad.

Control - If your IT infrastructure is getting out of control, our products and services can help you not only get a handle on your entire network, but ensure that it is sustainable and scalable to handle your current and future needs.